Days of production, to provide the most professional acting experience

Performing arts experience

Relying on its production bases in China and talents in performance, production and professional management and marketing,CHC has the capability to provide commercially successful entertainment products for kinds of institutional investor or individual investor,and the follow-up package service including management,operating,etc.


CHC’s production covers:

large original action show(circus, acrobatics,dance, martial arts,artistic gymnastics, etc.);large folk style scenic tourist show; large variety gala show;medium/small-scale acrobatic & magic performance,ballet, modern dance,minority dress performance,folk performance,Chinese folk music,Peking Opera, kungfu,children’s puppet show and shadow play, etc.

CHC’s production covers

Adaptive performance venue

The adaptation of the performance venues (or occasions) include: large stadium, square, theater, entertainment center, Casino Hotel (non Chinese area), theme parks, tourist attractions, large cruise ships, all kinds of Art Festival, Expo, large enterprises, and performing arts, cultural and commercial complex, etc..

The venue or occasion we can serve

Production characteristics

Right, suit and the common people at home and abroad

Combining dance, martial arts, acrobatics and other action languages, to overcome the obstacles of national borders, races and mother languages, so that the audiences can feel the beauty and expressive power of actions in the eyes of Chinese artists.

Excellent capability of story-telling on stage, world commonly recognized universal value endowed to every CHC production to stir the souls of audiences.

Using high-tech to support bold creativity,creating multi-dimensional vision in every part of theater, such as on stage, seats and overhead space, to bring the audiences transcend the reality and feel surprises.

Numerous classic plays, give you a super shock visual experience

Visual experience

Since its foundation in 1999, CHC has produced 12 original brand shows in the speed of one show per year.Every production has won the high recognition from the audience and critcs, and has had deep influence in different periods of Chinese tourist show industry, which can be understood in the following examples: