《Tian Nv》

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Play premiered

《Tian Nv》is by Tianchuang international performing arts production exchange Co., Ltd and Liaoning choric foreign show business requirements, the joint production of Chinese mythology drama. Investment of 20 million yuan, premiered in Shenyang on November 2005.

Drama synopsis

Repertoire drawn in traditional Chinese fairy tale "the seven fairies", divided into Xiafan, outing, meet, tokens of love, return four fragment, speak seven fairies travel to descend to the world, the youngest fairy fell in love with the handsome and kind dragon Lang, which launched a short and beautiful love story. The stage of the story is full of appeal, full of poetic atmosphere of tragedy.

Play《Tian Nv》

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Play characteristics

The drama is a innovation of the marriage of China classical dance, acrobatics and Chinese folk music, through the style of a variety of ethnic dance binding site play folk musical instruments and acrobatic skills, exquisite vividly show the characters tortuous journey of love. "Hanging silk" acrobatic actors who have received in 2003 the eleventh French marsh National Acrobatic gold, virtuosity, coupled with the advanced stage technology, so that all strange wonders in the heaven and in the earth truly presented in front of an audience.

Play value

《Tian Nv》live up to expectations, won the favor of the audience and show business, successfully selected the 2006 national commercial performance repertoire of 7 major export of cultural products, and the 2006 annual national art boutique export repertoire.

《Tian Nv》

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《Tian Nv》


《Tian Nv》