《Tian Huan》

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Play premiered

“Tian Huan”(meaning ‘Sky Fantasies’)is a grand themed acrobatic show. which was the first production by China Heaven Creation. Co-produced with the shengyang Acrobatic Ensemble, “Tian Huan” was the first attempt at integrating Chinese traditional folk acrobatics with western modern dance, complemented by state of the art design, special effects and original music.

Drama synopsis

Based on themes of “Humans and Nature” and “Human Beings and the Universe”, “Tian Huan” presents a most creative and spectacular physical performance.”Spinning Water Bowls’, ’Aerial Acrobatics’.”Jumping on the High Bar ’and the trapeze receives huge audience admiration, while the lion dance and clowning earns the most heartfelt laughs.

Play《Tian Huan》

《Tian Huan》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

Domestically, “Tian Huan” has created a profound influence on other stage acrobatic productions in China by crossing boundayies and fusing forms. Its innovation has introduces ‘coarse’ street art forms into highbrow theatre.It has established a new model and inaugurated a new era for the national acrobatic theater.

Play value

Internationally, “Tian Huan” has successfully projected Chinese acrobatic shows into the world entertainment market. Since its debut in 1999,it has toured different countries, including Korea.

《Tian Huan》

Main authors

《Tian Huan》


《Tian Huan》


1、Beijing Morning Post

Heaven Creation, jointly invested by Hong Kong and Shenzhen, produced Magic Days themed acrobatic drama which used to be composed of only acrobatic skills. The show is welcomed in international market, building China’s first original acrobatic drama brand.

2、An Ning, head of Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe

After its official release in 1999, the drama has been staged 430 times at home and abroad. Since May this year, the show has performed 160 times in Chile, Brazil and the US. It is expected to show more than 500 times by the end of this year. This acrobatic gala, showed across half of the globe, was honored “the art from another planet” by many international media.

3、Experience China—Brazilian and Argentine Culture Week

Acrobatic art has a long history in China and it has always been an important carrier of China’s cultural exchange with the rest of the world. Magic Days, created by Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, expressed Chinese people’s understanding of history through acrobatic language. The play combined acrobatics with modern music, dance and lighting and made innovation in thrills, artistry and vision experience. So far the show has given more than 500 performances for 420,000 foreign audiences.

4、Xia Juhua, chairwoman of China Acrobats Association

After watching the show, Xia Juhua concluded: Magic Days shows the pioneering spirit in terms of formation, innovation and creation therefore it will definitely give profound influence on China’s future acrobatic industry.