《The Legend of Kungfu》

The performing industry well-known brands in China

Play premiered

Large Kung Fu theater "Kung fu legend" by Tianchuang international performing arts production exchange Co., Ltd. produced, 2004 December officially premiered in Beijing's red theatre, and in the long term in play, has gone through ten years, the global performance more than 7000 games. Footprint across the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, India and other countries.

Drama synopsis

"Kung fu legend" tells the story of hero Junichi grew up into the temple martial arts practice, in practice on the road encounter demons harassing, out of the way of practice, and ultimately self defeating, became abbot of life experience, to the background of the Chinese traditional culture as the basis to tell the story of western culture the love to see and hear the hero growth story.

Play《The Legend of Kungfu》

《The Legend of Kungfu》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

Repertoire creatively the combination of martial arts and ballet, modern dance, acrobatics, magic performances and martial arts performances rise to express emotions of the characters and the life philosophy of the theater level, in the emotion caused by the resonance of the audience all over the world. The originality of stage lighting design, with sound and high-tech stage technical means, effectively heighten the story content and feelings of the characters, to bring the audience audio-visual and spiritual multiple shock.

Play value

"Kung fu legend" is China performing "going out" representative works, in 2006 won the "Chinese ten grand performance award" best performance of overseas "Gold Award, 2008, for 2009 consecutive years by the Ministry of Culture named the" outstanding export of cultural services ", in its 2005 North American tour All seats are occupied. large number of foreign exchange, 2009 as the first landing on the west end stage Chinese commercial Chinese drama repertoire, realization of commercial speech form into the European high-end performing arts market breakthrough, and become the first foreign producer to charge royalties for the export performance Chinese repertoire," Kung fu legend "officially began in 2010 in the U.S. White House theater in Branson performances in three years. A total of 729 performances, creating a Chinese repertoire of" going out "record.

《The Legend of Kungfu》


《The Legend of Kungfu》


The times "monk also can fly"

“The marriage between musical and kung fu is easier one than you might imagine.”

BBC famous critic Sam Smith gave four evaluation

“Movements that would normally appear highly unnatural suddenly possess grace when performed so expertly.”

"Guangming Daily"

The extensive and profound interpretation of Chinese Wushu culture. The story reveals the difficulties, overcome the self life theme.

"People's Daily"

2 to 10 July, Chinese Kung Fu, staged in Moscow and St. Petersburg ballet "the legend of Kung Fu", in Russia set off an unprecedented Chinese Kung Fu boom.