《Shao Lin Spirit》

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Play premiered

Large Kungfu drama《Shao Lin Spirit》is Tianchuang international performing arts company should American show business requirements and 2003 investment director of the repertoire, which premiered in January 2003. During the performance by the industry and Chinese and foreign producers of great praise.

Drama synopsis

《Shao Lin Spirit》 to the Shaolin monks grew up as the main line depicting monks from "shape training" to "practice meaning" to "God" practice of daily life and Zen ceremony, not only reflect the monks acrobatics, martial arts hard experience, but also reflects the harmony between man and nature, the empty static Cheng Shao Linwu operation spirit. The

Play《Shao Lin Spirit》

《Shao Lin Spirit》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

Repertoire for the first time, the martial arts and acrobatics fusion, the fusion of traditional acrobatics altar, steel wire, high chair and Shaolin Wushu, qigong, drunken, drunken sword, drunk stick and other forms of martial arts, rigid flexible and economic, in the reduction of the most authentic martial arts charm at the same time, greatly improving the drama appreciation and artistic content.

Play value

《Shao Lin Spirit》 exploration made a bold and beneficial attempt, Tianchuang company in 2004 produced "Kung fu legend" has laid a good foundation.

《Shao Lin Spirit》

Main authors

《Shao Lin Spirit》


《Shao Lin Spirit》