《Dreaming of Qindao》

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Play premiered

The large magic show Dream be Qindao was presented by CTS HK (Qingdao) Ocean Spring Resort and produced by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd. It was first performed at Heaven Creation Theater, Qingdao Ocean Spring Resort in September 2012 and then performed as a residency show there. The theater was customized for the show with an investment of RMB120 million.

Drama synopsis

Dream be Qindao tells of a love story between Shu Qin, a girl in Qingdao, and Mike, a young American man. The story started from Qindao Sailors’ Club, and spanned from the eve of China’s liberation to the modern society through the Cultural Revolution. Evolving from the lovers’ knowing each other, falling in love with each other to being separated and finally being together again, the love story sings praise for the eternal love in Qindao, an open and inclusive city.

Play《Dreaming of Qindao》

《Dreaming of Qindao》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

The show involves brand-new creation philosophy and superb stage presentation, and provides audience with amazing visual and audio experience by combining magic, dance, music, acrobatics and other art elements. The show features 26 magic tricks and the largest mirror screen at home that produces amazing stage effects.

Play value

Dream be Qindao was honored the Excellent Performance Award at the 10th China Art Festival in 2012.

《Dreaming of Qindao》


《Dreaming of Qindao》