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Play premiered

Large-scale fantasy drama Dreamers was published by BG Baldyga Group and gave resident performance at Sand Castle in Guam, US. In 2008, Heaven Creation started to participate in the play.

Drama synopsis

Dreamers tells story about dreams of two young Asian girls, showing a fantasy world where eastern culture met western culture. In the end, a piece of phoenix feather brings the dream to reality and the dream comes true. It contains unique cultural characteristics and endless imagination.


《Dreamer》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

The play’s chief executive producer is Mark S. Baldyga, graduating from Harvard and Stanford University. The Director and choreographer is Christopher Childers, who directed Cirque du Soleil and participated in Madonna’s world tour. Performers of Dreamers mainly come from China, United States and Japan. Dancers from Las Vegas brought well-designed Las Vegas dance and magic show was co-worked by tigers and other large props.

Play value

Dreamers won applause from fans from all over the world and won high praise.It was awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2013 Winner.


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