《Dream of the Lijiang River》

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Play premiered

《Dreaming of the Lijiang River》is performed by Tianchuang international performing arts company and Hong Kong macro sub group jointly invested tens of millions of dollars to build large-scale tourism normal, 2002 April in Guilin, Guangxi tourism resort, premiere.

Drama synopsis

The series aims to highlight the Guilin's unique landscape culture and customs, to "the unity of heaven and man" in Chinese traditional philosophy theme throughout, from the ancient times of day tilt subsidence began to Guilin history Weiweidaolai: the natural fairy wake up the earth life sleeping, a cassia trees Weiran scenery, the people on both sides of the Lijiang River, growth, love, feeding on their own nature gave the best praise.

Play《Dream of the Lijiang River》

《Dream of the Lijiang River》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

The greatest feature of the repertoire is bold innovation, big investment, high quality. The perfect combination of ballet and acrobatics performances, making the national beauty and modern charm of perfect fusion in the show. At home and abroad by the award-winning acrobatic actors bring the difficult acrobatic show, combined with modern choreography, lighting, grand scenes, magnificent, is the a memorable to the audience a visual feast.

Play value

《Dreaming of the Lijiang River》since 2002 in his performance so far performed more than 4000 games, has become the Guilin Tourism Performing Arts brand repertoire, with 95% of the audience satisfaction and continuous box office first, becoming the first brand of Guilin Tourism Performing arts. And in 2010 by the Ministry of culture, the National Tourism Bureau as a national tourism key projects".

《Dream of the Lijiang River》

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《Dream of the Lijiang River》


《Dream of the Lijiang River》