Management output:China Heaven Creation has extensive experience in show and theater management

The Company has set up the operation pattern featuring “one theater and one operation company for one show”. Since 1999, and it has launched the cooperation in performance management and promotions with Guilin Dreamlike Lijiang Entertainment Co,Ltd.Beijing China Heaven Creation Global Kungfu Theater Co., Ltd, Tibet Holy Land China Heaven Creation Performing Arts Co., Ltd, Beijing Gehua China Heaven CreationPerforming aArt Co.,Ltd.China Heaven Creation Qingdao Branch and Universal Entertainment LLC Seven departments were set under the General Manager’s Office, forming an effective and integrated management system.



Responsible for daily management, publicity, hospitality, marketing, security, financial affairs and other work.



Responsible for performer recruitment, rehearsals, performances, lighting, sound, stage design, props operation, etc.


Management output for performing troupes to be managed by professional management teams

Integrated services for show creation, production and management

Showproduction: Based on local characteristics and cultural allusions, experts from home and abroad spare no efforts tocreate new shows to provide the audience with audio-visual feasts.

Showrehearsal/premiere: Senior directors of China Heaven Creation select outstanding actors from all over the world andprovide directions for rehearsals and trainings to guarantee the quality of each show.

Show management: The Company boasts rich experience inshowmanagement and standard routine trainingsfor performersto guarantee high-quality how and programs.