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《Dreaming of Qindao》

Dream be Qindao tells of a love story between Shu Qin, a girl in Qingdao, and Mike, a young American man. The story started from Qindao Sailors’ Club, and spanned from the eve of China’s liberation to the modern society through the Cultural Revolution. Evolving from the lovers’ knowing each other, falling in love with each other to being separated and finally being together again, the love story sings praise for the eternal love in Qindao, an open and inclusive city.


周一17:00 19:00  TWO

周二19:00  TWO

周三14:00 16:00 20:00  TWO

周四17:00 19:00  TWO

周五19:00  TWO

周六19:00  TWO

周日19:00  TWO


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