Vestibule of the Red Theatre

Seating chart of the theatre

The appearance of the Red Theater

Interior scene of the theatre

《The Legend of Kungfu》

"Kung fu legend" tells the story of hero Junichi grew up into the temple martial arts practice, in practice on the road encounter demons harassing, out of the way of practice, and ultimately self defeating, became abbot of life experience, to the background of the Chinese traditional culture as the basis to tell the story of western culture the love to see and hear the hero growth story.


周一19:30  暂无

周二  暂无

周三  暂无

周四  暂无

周五  暂无

周六  暂无

周日  暂无


Welcome to the Legend of Kung Fu in the Red Theater

Welcome to the theater

剧院地址:Workers' Culture Palace in Chongwen District, 44 Happiness Street, Chongwen District, Beijing