Creative planning—give buildings a culture soul

Heaven Creative can provide project design for theaters, scenic areas, vacation areas, cultural complex architectures and urban cultural function areas. Moreover, our company is experienced in planning and design of function layout, business distribution, entertainment projects and profit mode for scenic areas and cultural clusters.


Domestic customers

Wanda Group, CTS group, Hengda Group, the Beijing municipal government, Beijing Dongcheng District government, Gehua group, Zhaoyuan, Shandong tourism bureau, Suzhou Tourism Bureau, Tsingtao Beer Group, Haitian Group, Shandong Gold Park Group, the National Swimming Center (Water Cube)

Domestic customers

International customer

South Korean Lotte Group, Japan Taeko company, Guam sand castle company, Singapore Tourism Board, Reno casinos in the United States, American Speech & Concert Artists company, Canadian artist great world company, Spain Europe concert, London Theatre

International customer

Perfection projects planning of tourism entertainment

Tourism Performing Arts Project Planning: the creation of the stage play, the script writing, the overall planning and the feasibility report of the scenic spot

Theatre Design: the overall design of the professional theatre and the design and transformation of the interior lighting system, sound system, stage machine

Scenic Area: the planning and planning of the city performing arts gathering area and the cultural tourism land

Creative planning classic case

Company has for the Chongwen District of Beijing City, Singapore Tourism Bureau, Tsingtao Brewery group, as well as real estate leading enterprises, such as the Pearl River, Wanda, Hengda and more than 30 units and enterprises to make the cultural industry project planning and concept design.