Day and the international general manager

When human is entering a new millennium the occasion, for thousands of years of human civilization such as full of the sky the stars, radiation is charming and eternal light, and art is sign of human civilization in a bright and colorful. The goal of "TICO" is to let the Chinese performing arts star, in the constellation of human art issued it more bright light. "TICO", not only means that "heaven", "enterprising" spirit, but also uphold investor perennial in the performing arts, entertainment, tourism production field brilliant achievements, management performance out of the ordinary and the coding and a staff of outstanding talent, called today's Chinese entertainment industry most innovative production group. Forge ahead, beyond the self, to create a world-class art works with the real circulation in the international market of performing arts is the relentless pursuit of our "Heaven—Creation".

General manager

Tianchuang international general manager introduction

Mr. caoxiaoning, famous theater productions, producer, director, doctor of management, a leading expert on the normal culture industry to go out of the, special national cultural trade base for theoretical research fellow, visiting professor at Liberty University in the United States, performing in China Home Association executive director, Chinese Acrobats Association executive director. 2009 "China's outstanding entrepreneur", American Beverly City Hall awarded title of "International Cultural Contribution Award" title, Chinese dance art "dancers with outstanding contributions", 2008 "central enterprises labor model", "the influence China's top 10 creative industry reform characters", "reform and opening up 30 years of outstanding character" and "cultural industry person of the year", "2007 China top ten entrepreneurial excellence";

Mr. caoxiaoning earlier served as executive director, President, Secretary of Party committee of Shenzhen Splendid China Development Co., Ltd., deputy general manager, artistic director and Florida Splendid China, American travel investment limited company director, vice president, during creation, directed a large plaza for performances "the hundred art event", "Chinese charm", "this is China", "the mysterious oriental are" repertoire is one of the founder of Chinese culture theme park performance mode and normal tourism performing repertoire of successfully developing the people.

In 1999, Mr. caoxiaoning served in the United States China Travel Investment Co., Ltd., acting president at the same time, home business, in Beijing planning, organizing, founded the Tianchuang international performing arts making Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to: the Tianchuang company). After 10 years of hard work, the company has successively in the country have successfully produced 12 sets of independent intellectual property rights of the stage performing brand repertoire. Mr. caoxiaoning in business Tianchuang company, founded the a repertoire, a company operating mode of industrialization; the classic Broadway play mode of operation, namely a repertoire in normal domestic in play, at the same time in a foreign tour, to create national original theatrical brand.