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In March 2014, Georges Leclere, PresidentofLGMA Inc., visited China Heaven Creation. Both sides had talks about cooperation facing online video websites for American customers.

In April 2014, The Adventures of Marco Polowas launched in the United States the second time, kicking off the 324-performance show season.

In May 2014, the Company’s project, i.e. Forg White House Theatre into a platformto exhibit Chinese culture, was listed as one of the national cultural innovation projects in 2014.

In September 2014, at the talks to foster Beijing’s backbone cultural enterprises held by the State-Owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of Beijing Municipality, the Company was honored as one of Beijing’s top 30 cultural enterprises, which was another evidence of the Company’s achievements made in Beijing’s culture & performance circle.

In November 2014, the large show, The Adventures of Marco Polo, was honored theBestWorks Award by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) in the 2nd Spiritual Civilization Construction of China’s Central Enterprises, once again showing the artist and social values of the show.

The large kungfu stage show, The Legend of Kungfu, was honored the Best Tourism Performance Award of China TourismInvestmentITIAAward 2014, the highest honor of the industry, becoming a typical example that combines culture and tourism. General Manager Cao Xiaoning was honored as one of the top 10 pioneers in China’s tourism investment industry.


From January 23 to February 8, 2013, China Heaven Creation started the ice-breaking tour of Chinese shows in India. The 49-member troupe of The Legend of Kungfu put on the show for18 timesacross India within 17 days.On the evening of February 5, the troupe also performed three programs at the official ceremony to celebrate he assumption of office of Wei Wei, the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to India,The performancewon praise from the ambassador and the Cultural Department of Embassy of China in India.

At the beginning of 2013, the Company’s 12th original large stage show, The Adventures of Marco Polo, was officially rehearsed. The show was created to mark the 860th anniversary of Beijing’s establishment as the in 2013, with joint investment from China Heaven Creation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Hohhot Folk Performance Group. Premiered in Hohhot on July 25, it had been performed as a residency show at the White House Theatre for 100 times since August 10, and was performed back at the National Center for the Performing Art to celebrate the 860th anniversary of Beijing’s establishment as the capital of China at the end of the year and then had a usually residency show in Hohhot.capital

On April 27, 2013, Beijing China Heaven Creation Cultural Investment Performance Co., Ltd. was jointly funded by China Heaven Creation and Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group to manage the show of The Adventures of Marco Polo, with the aim to lay a solid foundation for future expansion in overseas markets. This was another innovation of the operation mode by China Heaven Creation.

On June 8, 2013, Liu Yunshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, made an investigation in Beijing and called a symposium. General Manager Cao Xiaoning, on behalf of China Heaven Creation, attended the symposium and made a report on the Company’s practices in going global, which was highly praised by the attending leaders.

On June 8, 2013, Sands Macau reached an agreement with China Heaven Creation, according to which four shows of China Heaven Creation, including the The Legend of Kungfu, the magic show Back to Qindao in Dream, the ethnic tage shows The Adventures of Marco Polo and Himalaya, would be performed in turn as residency shows at the theaters in the hotels of Sands in Macao, Singapore and Las Vegas during the next five years to present excellent Chinese cultural performance works.

On July 25, 2013, The Adventures of Marco Polo was successfully premiered in Hohhot and won praise from viewing leaders and media. Wang Shoude, former head of the Art Bureau of the Publicity Division of the PLA General Political Department, said, “The show boasts huge market potential with rich contents, a distinctive theme and diverse colors. It’s a premium show that’s needed by the National Center for Performing Arts.”

On August 9, 2013, The Adventures of Marco Polowas successfully premiered the White House Theatre .Zhao Weiping, Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate-General in Chicago, viewed the show and delivered a speech. Ms. Raeanne Presley, Branson Mayor, The wonderful performance won constant applause from the audience.

On August 13, 2013, the 3rd Chinese Ethnic Groups Drama Festival was closed in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The large folk stage show The Adventures of Marco Polowon the first prize of the gold metal (sequenced by the number of votes); Gao Liting and Cao Xiaoning won the excellent playwright award; The general director Cao Xiaoning, executive director Li Qingjiong and choreographers Ding Yuchuan, Pang Fenggong and Liu Hong won the excellent director award; The composers Zheng Bing and Zhang Yongli won the excellent music award; The light designers Wang Ruiguo and Wang Ruibao won the excellent stage design award; The costume designers Song Li and Li Qing won the excellent stage design award; The multi-media videos designed and produced by Digital Tiger won the excellent stage design award; Serogin Stanislav and Wang Meng won the excellent performance award.


In January 2012, The Legend of Kungfu was performed as a touring show in Spain.

In May 2012, risk management was initiated in an all-round way in accordance with the Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Risk Management in Specialized Companies released by the group. Based on the Company’s development stage and actual conditions, the general manager office, in line with the guidelines of “check and improvement”, carried out risk collection and identification, completed risk evaluation in a detailed and comprehensive manner and submitted the report on comprehensive risk management.

In May and June 2012, the Company did a good job in coordinating and following up the project for the Temple of Heaven performance area in Beijing, and helped the group sign a strategic framework agreement with Beijing Municipal Government in mid-May and reach an agreement with the People’s Government of Dongcheng District in early June.

In June 2012, the Company completed the project of Legendary Phoenix entrusted by the city of Fenghuang, Hunan Province. The comprehensive planning and production of the show produced satisfactory effects.

In July 2012, the Company developed the Plan of China Heaven Creation on Carrying out Management Improvement in an All-Round Way and the Measures for Key Jobs in Management Improvement in accordance with the group’s notice on management improvement.

In July 2012, China Heaven Creation successfully presented a wonderful evening gala, the Night of CTS HK, for the workshop held by the SASAC, consisting of heads of central enterprises and local branches of SASAC, at CTS HK (Qingdao) Ocean Spring Resort.

On September 8, 2012,Back to Qindao in Dream, a large magic dance show that took China Heaven Creation two years to complete, was grandly staged at China Heaven Creation Theater, Qingdao Ocean Spring Resort. It won high praise from the officials from the state, Beijing and Shandong governments as well as experts and media, and was called “a rare premium show on China’s stages”.

In September 2012,China Heaven Creation and the project of White House Theatre were respectively honored as the “national key enterprise and key project of cultural export 2011-2012” by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China.

In September 2012, China Heaven Creation was honored the title of “Advanced Unit in China’s Cultural System Reform” by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China and General Administration of Press and Publication.

In October 2012, The Legend of Kungfu was honored theBestWorks Award by the SASAC in the spiritual civilization construction among central enterprises.

In October 2012, China Heaven Creation was honored the title of “Advanced Central Enterprise of Ideological and Political Work” by the SASAC.

In October 2012, the Company reached a five-year agreement on the exclusive agency of the performance of The Legend of Kungfu as a touring show in India, kicking off an “ice-breaking” tour of Chinese shows in India.

From September to November 2012,China Heaven Creation carried out Phase I self-diagnosis of management improvement as required by the Group, analyzing the problems, weaknesses and bottlenecks restricting development of the Company.

In December 2012, according to the results of Phase I management improvement, the Company developed the Action Plan on Phase II Management Improvement, working to rectify the problems and ensure effects of the Phase II work.